Child Protection

Child Protection

Queensland Legal Practice understands that being notified that your child is subject to a report or investigation by the Department of Communities (Child Safety) can be a harrowing and confronting experience for any family. It can often be difficult for a family to know their rights in these situations, or navigate the court process. It is important to know that you have a right to understand the laws impacting your family and to have an independent advocate who can explain what is happening.

Queensland Legal Practice possesses the expertise necessary to provide guidance, advice and representation in relation to child protection matters in the Queensland Children’s Court. This can include representation in protection applications and subsequent hearings, or liaising with representatives from the department on your behalf.

In these times we appreciate that there are multiple factors impacting on a family and as such our advice is tailored to be easily understood by you, to ensure that you comprehend the process and likely outcome of your situation. We understand the urgency of Children’s Court matters and seek to resolve child protection issues as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to help make decisions in the best interests of the child and family.

We possess experienced advocates who are capable of providing guidance and representation in relation to:

  • Initial investigations and contact with child protection workers;
  • Protection applications including the removal of children;
  • Your rights in relation to case plan appeals;
  • Family Court proceedings;
  • Child protection matters involving indigenous families
  • Variations, extensions, and revocations of Children’s Court orders;
  • Intervention orders; and
  • Appeals.

We at Queensland Legal Practice pride themselves on assisting our clients and ensuring that any legal intervention by the Department is limited to that which is necessary to promote your child’s health, safety and wellbeing, and where needed we assist our clients in working towards reunification in a timely manner.

If you are subject to child protection intervention, or have questions about your rights, please do not hesitate to contact us.