Education Law

Education Law

Broadly, education law refers to the rights and obligations of students and educators as they relate to each student’s interaction with his or her public or private school. Education law encompasses a diverse range of legal issues, from issues concerning the adequacy of special education services and the protection of student records to questions of constitutional law. In the context of post-secondary education, tuition disputes, student rights of association, disability accommodations, discrimination and the validity of affirmative action programs all come into play.

As parents, the lawyers at Queensland Legal Practice have experienced first-hand the daunting task of advocating for children, particularly those with special needs, and the conflicts that sometimes result. As education lawyers, we have an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the respective rights and obligations of students and school administrators. Through training and experience, we are prepared to act as advisors and zealous advocates to protect student rights and thereby restore peace to the minds of students and their parents.

We serve parents, students, and our non-institutional clients in all manner of education matters, including:

  • Student disciplinary matters
  • Special education matters
  • Bullying and harassment
  • School search and seizures
  • Expulsion hearings
  • Freedom of speech and religious observance
  • Freedom of information and open meeting laws
  • Tuition disputes
  • Denial of accommodations

We also represent teachers and other school personnel in their disputes with public and independent schools and those being investigated by the College of Education Qld, including:

  • Misconduct hearings
  • Employment disputes
  • Free speech issues
  • Contract non-renewal and tenure denials

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