domestic violence

Domestic Violence

Queensland Legal Practice understands that domestic violence in Australia has alarming statistics. Individuals searching legal websites for information are often in desperate need of the type of support that we can provide. If you are living in fear of your life please reach out to Queensland Legal Practice. As Queensland domestic violence lawyers, we recommend that if you are in danger or have been abused by your partner or another family member, do not wait for it to escalate—as it always does. We can give you the help you need today.

The term “domestic violence” is used to describe mental or physical abuse between two people cohabitating or between two individuals who share a social or personal relationship.

Queensland Legal Practice has represented both sides of these cases where orders of protection have been issued and also in defending individuals who have been unjustly accused. We have a deep understanding that these matters can be complex and not easily solved by the courts. The revolving door of Queensland domestic violence complaints is a rather unfortunate aspect of human interaction, but common enough that we at Queensland Legal Practice are well-versed in the motions required to support our clients appropriately.

Naturally, Queensland Legal Practice also provides services to those who are in need of assistance in finding safety and closure from their cycle of abuse. Our depth of expertise makes it easy for us put together and file an emergency application for orders quickly so that you can put yourself and any family members living with you in a zone of safety. We work with the courts and the police department closely to time things in such a way that you and any children you may have are safe from harm, and that your spouse is put in a situation where he or she is forced to seek assistance for their illness. Violence in a domestic setting in Queensland has some very strict laws associated with it and methods of facilitation to help families get respite from danger.

Queensland Legal Practice has a long list of clients who have turned to us in troubled times, clients who are still a part of our “family” today. If you are in need of assistance, call our law office to learn how we can help you during these desperate and dangerous times and to discuss your domestic violence. Learn about your options and your rights. You are not alone.

Do not hesitate to contact us today.